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The office can become a second home for a lot of us, so it pays to keep it clean and tidy. By following a few simple rules, you will make your workspace a little more enjoyable.

Plus, a clean space can improve morale and you will be making the office more pleasant for your colleagues. Doing your bit around the office will be a great contribution to workplace morale.


Make a schedule and stick to it


Once you spend enough time in an office environment, you will start to appreciate the idea that tasks need to be scheduled and delegated appropriately, or they will never get done. Get your colleagues on board by explaining the benefits that a little bit of cleaning can do for everyone at the office. Share the tasks around and change it up, so colleagues get an appreciation for the effort required to keep a clean office.


Always have basic office cleaning supplies on hand


Don’t make it hard for people to pitch in and do a bit of cleaning every now and then. Any excuse to skip out on office cleaning tasks will probably be used, so make sure the supplies are there.

Start a petty cash box in the office and encourage staff to take the initiative in monitoring and restocking. Basic office cleaning products to keep in the office include:

  • A disinfectant surface spray
  • Plenty of clean cloths to wipe down surfaces
  • A dustpan and brush
  • Detergent and sponges (if your office has a kitchen)
  • Mop and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner

You can contact us for all your basic cleaning products or janitorial supplies.


Have an office suggestions board of problems areas for cleanliness


It’s easy to get lazy and neglect low traffic areas, which will build up dirt and grime over time. All of a sudden, you will find some very unclean areas of your office and the worse it gets, the less likely someone is to take the initiative to actually do something about it.

Keep it on the top of everyone’s mind so that all options are out in the open and the most effective ones can be employed.


Take out the garbage every afternoon


It might seem obvious, but a garbage bin left overnight in the office can attract pests and leave unpleasant odors the next day, especially if food scraps are left in the bin and the weather is warm.

Implement a daily office-wide bin-dump, and even use a friendly email reminder to encourage staff to take 5 minutes away from their desk every afternoon to get some fresh air and drop their personal bin off for collection. A win-win situation for everybody!


Don’t leave boxes, packaging or other potential hazards lying around


General untidiness can actually be quite dangerous in the office environment. Leaving piles of paper and boxes lying around can be a potential trip hazard, and the risk is compounded when you throw a hot coffee and lots of electrical devices into the mix. Make sure you have the following things available:

  1. Proper recycling bins that are emptied regularly
  2. Safe lifting and storage procedure manuals for all staff
  3. A procedure in place for disposing of packaging in a timely manner when delivered to the office space

If you can successfully build a culture that rewards cleanliness and promotes and tidy workplace, your employees will be more comfortable and happier when they come to work. Keep on top of a few minor cleaning tasks each day and enjoy the benefits for your organization.